Since 1984, Encon has consistently delivered quality customer service. We take pride in establishing strong relationships with our customers and we do everything in our power to accommodate your needs. Our extensive list of services reflects our commitment to you, the dealer.

Services for Encon Customers

Free Technical Support

Encon supports every step to ensure your installation goes smooth. With 8 dedicated technical representatives with nearly 200 years of combined industry experience, our dealers have access to superior technical support from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm PST. Our expertise includes product integration and extensive troubleshooting capabilities.

Free Training

Encon’s training services familiarize you with new product, boost installation confidence and increase your bottom line. Buying from a distributor like Encon, gives you access to different manufacturer products while providing you one source for quality support and education.

Our one-of-a-kind training facility exhibits working product from various manufacturers. Designed to provide hands-on troubleshooting and installation training, our demo room is ideal for dealers of every skill level.

  • - Free Customized Training:

    Schedule a customized training session with an Encon technician on any topic at any time at no cost.

  • - Free Encon Seminars:

    Encon hosts free seminars with leading manufacturers throughout the year. Seminars focus on technical and installation guidelines and provide strategic sales training.

CAGOI Certification

The Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer (CAGOI) program began in 2007. Encon leads this recent movement to validate our industry, boasting a completely certified technical team.

Encon is committed to educating dealers about the program. With a nationwide standard, superior companies like yours can be recognized in our industry. Visit Encon’s News section for testing dates and certification opportunities offered by Encon.

Several certification exams have been hosted by Encon throughout California and Nevada. Encon’s Training Director Lawrence Bourke has conducted multiple review sessions. In addition, Tim Nordstrom serves as an instructor for the gate operator installation school sponsored by the American Fence Association (AFA).

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Over 60 Manufacturers

With one huge warehouse, Encon distributes thousands of wholesale products from over 60 widely recognized and respected manufacturers. Visit manufacturers to review our complete list of vendors and/or link directly to their websites.

Se Habla Español

Encon offers Spanish-speaking representatives in our Technical Support/Sales, Shipping, and Accounting departments. Just ask to speak with David Aldave or Justin Kilby, our Spanish-speaking techs.

FAAC and Apollo Repair Center:

Encon is an authorized FAAC and Apollo repair center with several technicians on staff. We offer non-warranty repairs and/or complete operator rebuilds assembled entirely in-house. Utilize this service and you’ll save time and avoid expensive shipping costs to the manufacturer.

We also offer a refurbished operator program. Exchange your old, worn out machine for a freshly rebuilt operator for a fraction of the cost. Contact our sales department at 800-782-5598 for details.

Pre-wired Gate Operators

To streamline your installation process, Encon sells pre-wired gate operators. Specify the accessories you need such as receivers, 7-day timers, etc. and Encon will install this product directly in the operator for a nominal fee.

Solar Power Design

Green energy is easier than ever with Encon’s pre-assembled ESOLAR kits. These custom-built solar power packages save you time and simplify solar installations.

Encon’s basic ESOLAR kit includes a solar panel with adjustable bracket, battery, power regulator, circuit breakers and aluminum battery box with mounting hardware. Pre-assembled packages are available in 12 or 24 V DC ranging from 60 to 320-watt panels.